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Dictionary Of Angels - List Of All Angel Names And Their Meanings - Page 7

Guael (Guel)

An angel of the 5th Heaven ruling on Tuesday, Guael is involked from the east.


An angel of the Seal, used for conjuring.


5th of the 10 unholy sefiroth, as noted in Moses de Burgos' text.


A summer equinox angel. Effective when invoked as an amulet against the evil eye.

Guriel ("whelp of God")

one of the angel ruling the zodiacal sign of Leo.

Gurson - (Gorson or Gorsoyu)

one of the routed forces under Lucifer, now serving in the nether regions as king of the south.


One of the angelic soldiers of the planet Jupiter.


In occultism, a Thursday angel of the air, ministering to Suth, chief of these angels, all of whom are subject in turn to the South Wind. Acting with Gutrix is Maguth, who likewise ministers to Suth.


In M. Gaster, The Sword of Moses, an evel angel summoned in incantation rites against an enemy.


An angelic guard of one of the great halls (or Places) of the 4th Heaven.


In Tracthenberg, Jewish Magic Supersition, an angel involked to countermand evel decrees. The word Gzriel is part of a 42-letter name of God.


One of the 72 angels of the zodiac.


An angel of the order of dominations. Haaiah rules over diplimacy and ambassadors, and is one of the 72 angels bearing the name of God Shemhamphorae, Haaiah sigil is reproduced in Ambelain, La Kabbale Pratique.


An angelic of the order of powers. Haamiah domiates religious cults and "protects all those who seel the truth."


An angel of the Seal, as noted in The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses.


A genius wh conceals treasures, according to Apollonius of Tyana, The Nuctecemeron.

Habbiel (Habiel)

A Monday angel of the first heaven. An angel who is appealed to for loyal love and romance, invoked in love charms.


An angel of the order of powers, summoned in conjuring rites.


In ocultism, an angel of the Lord's Day, resident of the 4th Heaven. He is involked from the south.


An angel who exercises dominion over agriculture and fecundity. Habuhiah is one of the 72 angels bearing the name of God Shemhamphorae.


One of the 72 angels of the zodiac.


He governs the sign of libra.


"The superior Benignity" anoceived of by cabalists as a sefira.

Hadariel [Hadraniel]


An archon named in lesser hechloth lore and in the Alphabet of Rabbi Akiba.


A holy angel named in Mathers, The Great Key of Solomon.

Hadarniel [Hadraniekl]


In hechaloth lore (Ma'asseh Merkabah), an angelic guard of the 6th heavenly hall.

Hadraniel (Hadarniel, Hadariel, Hadriel--majesty of God")

A porter angel stationed at the 2nd gate in Heaven (according to one view). He is taller than Kamuel "by 60 myriads of parasangs" but shorter than Sandalphon "by a 500 years' journey." In gnosticism Hadraniel, great as he is, is "only one of the 7 suborndinates to Jehudiel, prince of fire." As Hadriel, he serves among the numerous angelic guards of the gates of the East Wind. In Sefer ha-Heshek he is also one of the 72 names (actually more than 100) of Metatron. In 3 Enoch, Odeberg holds that it is possible for Hadraniel to be identified with Metatron and that he has indeed so identified in apocalyptic literature.

Hadriel (Hadraniel)

Equate with Pusiel in Revelation of Rabbi Joshua Ben Levi.


A variant form of Hadariron.


In hechaloth lore (Ma'asseh Merkabah), an angelic guard stationed at the 6th heavenly hall.


"The beloved angel of God," who may be involked in ritual magic rites.


Arabic: Guide to righteousness; gift.


In Muslim lore, a term denoting angels, The hafaza constitute a special class, are 4 in number, and "protect man from jinn, men and Satans." On these 4 angels devolves the duty of writing down the actions of mortals.


In Montgomery, Aramaic Incantation Texts from Nippur, and angel involked in the exorcism of demons.


In hechaloth lore (Ma'asseh Merkabah), an angelic guard stationed at the 5th heavenly hall.


An angel of The Seal, involked in ceremonial rites.


a minor Hebrew prophet called "God's messenger or angel."


An angel of the Seal who could be summoned in conjuring rites, like Hagedola.


The intelligence of Venus when that planet enters the signs of Taurus and libra. Hagaiel's cabalistic number is 49. His corresponding angel, the spirit ruler of Venus, is Gadamel.


The name of a great, or one of the secret names of God.


Angel of the 3rd hour of the night, serving under Sarquamich.

Hahael (Hahahel)

An angel of the order of virtues. Hahael protects Christian missionaries and all disciples of Christ: he is also one of the 72 angels that bear the name of God Shemhamphorae. His corresponding angel (in occult lore) is Chartare`.

Hahahel [Hahael]


An angel of the order of Cheribum. He influences thoughts and reveals hidden mysteries to mortals.


One of the cherubim (invoked against traitors) and a guardian of France.


An angelic guard stationed at the fourth heavenly hall.


A genius of sympathies and a genii of he 11th hour.


The name of the angel appearing on the eternal circle of the pentagram of Solomon.


An angel of the 4th heaven invoked on the Lord's Day, with the invocant facing south. Haludiel is also an intelligence of the sun.

Hamied (Miracles)

The glorious angel of miracles. He is such a dazzling white that you can only see his incredible eyes shining through. As you feel his presence enfold you, open your heart to receive his gift of intense love.

Haniel (Anael)

Chief of the orders of principalities and virtues; one of the 7 archangels; governor of December, reputed to have transported Enoch to heaven.


An angel who has dominion over the sign of Capricorn.


An angel of the 3rd hour of the day.


This radiant one protects libraries, archives, schools and universities. Harahel opens our minds and hearts to new ideas while inspiring humankind to use this knowledge in life-affirming ways.

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