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This spell is for dealing with someone who is more of an annoyance than a threat,
someone who really gets on your nerves or stresses you out by intruding in your life or
violating your space. It is for someone you have already asked to stop but who persists
in bothering you. It is not a spell to use on someone whose actions you object to within
their own life or space. You need:
* a box * herbs for protection
* two heads of garlic (or more, if you are using a big box or dealing with a group of people)
* a photograph of the person, or their name written on a piece of paper
Put everything in the box. Cover the box and give it a good hard shake, mentally yelling at
the person to modify the behavior that annoys you. Put the box away, in a drawer or up on a shelf.
Take it out and give it a hard shake, yelling at them, every time they annoy you.
After the first week or so you should seldom need to shake the box.
Throw the box away in a few months, when the garlic begins to spoil.

This may or may not be a hoax.


High Priest holds a skull dyed black upon a wooden staff. Cardinal holds the same with a red skull.
Apostle holds a staff with a violet skull. Nine celebrants hold white skulls upon staffs. All skulls
must be full human skulls. All robes worn are black, except that of the cardinal, who wears red, and the
Apostle who wears violet. A circle of celebrants is formed with the 9 celebrants and the High Priest
(at the upper north position) around the cardinal, apostle, and an infant sacrifice.
The cardinal stands at the east while the apostle stands at the west.
The circle's ground is covered in fresh blood.
Infant's face is painted like a skull. Cardinal has an Athame tucked under his robe belt or in a sheath.
Athame must be sharpened and cleaned. High Priest makes the sign of enclosure, the skull-staff
between the hands, base resting on the ground, skull held against his bowed head.
This gesture is made also by the 9 celebrants. Chant:
"Tuam es eliciat!" thirteen times, calling forth demonic legions. After first recital, the High Priest
angles the skull towards the center of the circle, the base still resting on the ground. With each following
repetition, one celebrant does the same, in a counter clockwise manner. At the tenth repetition, all 10
members of the circle having angled the skull-staff towards the center of the circle, the chant is
repeated once more by the High Priest. The Cardinal makes the call, followed for a thirteenth time by the
Apostle, who shouts the words into the sky. At this, the Apostle and the Cardinal hold the skull-staffs
with both hands in the air, angled towards the center of the circle. Revolving counterclockwise around the
center of the circle (the sacrifice), with skull-staff still in the center sky, the Cardinal and Apostle make
a 360 revolution. When the Cardinal has returned to the east and the Apostle to the west, with the right
hand they both move their staffs to an upright position, base on the ground. They make with left
hands the sign of the horns. The Apostle calls loudly.... "So we begin!"
Apostle: "Lucifer, Lucifer, Lord of the Night. Lucifer, we call thee, bringer of light. Father of
Darkness, Father of Might, speak to our hearing and come to our sight. We bring thee this babe, a pure
sacrifice. We give thee her blood, and offer her life. We show thee our reverence, now show us a sign.
We cry out thy name, now enter this rite."
All is silent until the presence of the Father is made known.
Cardinal: "Oh, Scarlet Whore, oh Lucifer's Bride, reveal now the mysteries thy beauty hides. Kiss us
with babe's breath, and her crimson tide. Bless us with power, and eternal life. The skulls are aligned,
in number thirteen. The angels await, now come unto me!"
Cardinal and Apostle again circle counterclockwise, with three revolutions, opening a dark portal to
Spiritus Regnum. Pointing their skull-staffs in the Gate's opening, the Cardinal and Apostle draw the
power of the portal to their staffs. Simultaneously lowering the staffs, they carry the demonic power into
this realm and touch the skulls to the infant. All of the demonic power of the rite is transferred to the babe.
Participants begin rapidly chanting "Lucifer," almost at a frenzied pace. Apostle and Cardinal both step
forth and kneel at each side of the babe. Apostle places fingers on infant's temples and induces a
trance wherein all thought and energy may be transferred. Cardinal draws Athame and raises it high
above his head, pointing towards the babe. The chanting grows more fervent as the Cardinal brings the
blade down into the chest of the infant nine times, penetrating her body fully with each strike. After
the ninth strike, the Apostle lifts the corpse in both hands and tears a piece of flesh with his teeth,
swallowing the infant's meat. Calls: "The blood and the flesh is the soul of the Father!" Holds the
infant up to the Cardinal, who partakes of the child's flesh. Cardinal remains kneeling while the Apostle
carries the babe to the High Priest, who partakes and passes it counterclockwise for the others to partake.
The babe is put into a shallow grave dug beforehand, and buried. High Priest calls: From dust and ashes
wert thou borne into this earth by the power and the mercy of the Father, and by the very same power and
mercy has the Father returned thee to dust, and to ashes, unto the earth. Praise the sacred name of Lucifer!"
All: "Praise the name of Lucifer!"
After the participants have removed themselves, a member commanded by the High Priest removes the infant
from the grave and entirely disposes of all evidence of the rite.


Two cuts are made on a lime, one horizontally and the other vertically, ensuring that one
does not cut the lime in four pieces. In the middle of the lime one places a piece of parchment
paper with the victim's name on it. The lime is then held closed with two long, steel pins, and
placed in a new plain glass, together with some salt, vinegar, and ashes. The ashes and the
salt are believed to destroy the enemy's attempts to cause trouble, while the lime and vinegar
will sour his own affairs.


If a man has sexual relations with a woman and then treats her rather badly or breaks his word,
she can very easily get even with him. According to ancient Voodoo practices, all she must do is
keep the cloth used for cleansing both parties after their relations. This towel, washcloth, or rag is
first tied in seven knots. It is then weighted down and dropped into a river. The man is said to lose
his sexual virility until amends are made or until the girl forgives him and retrieves the cloth. Only
she can bread the spell by untying the seven knots. If the knotted wiping rag is lost, he will never
again regain his ability to perform sexually.


Assemble three mirrors before you, and say
"Torqueo suus ossis et flecto suus spina, sopoficer et mysticus (pour holy water onto
one mirror) et magicus (pour holy water onto the next mirror) et occultus (pour holy water
onto the third mirror)."


Get a raven's heart, cut it in half with a black-handled knife; make three cuts and place
a black bean in each cut. Plant the heart, and when the beans sprout, put one in your
mouth and say:
"By virtue of Satan's heart, and by the strength of my great art, I desire to become invisible."


--a red candle a black candle
--a photo or picture of you and the two members of couple you wish to break up
(or any other remnants from the person e.g. hand-written letter from the particular person)
--a red ribbon (1 - 2m preferably)
Light the red candle and place the photo of you and the guy/girl you like together,
and bind the two with the red ribbon, and tie a knot at the end. Chant:
"From soul to soul, from breath to breath, from lips to lips, from eyes to eyes,
from body to body, from hands to hands, from crown to the toe, ---- name of the person ---
and I shall belong together"
Leave the ribboned photo beside the red-candle.
Then, take the picture of your rival and burn it with the black candle's flame and chant:
"Dear --- name of your rival ---, I mean you no harm, please free --- the name of the person
you like ----- from your prison, and send him/her into my open arms"


Get a small jar or bottle with a lid.
On a piece of paper draw a house with a big X thru it.
Then write their name on it 9 times, but not inside the house.
Fill with 4 thieves vinegar, cap and cast into a river or ocean.
That is a good one but back it up with splashing War Water on all their outside door knobs
and porches. Do this as you build energy visualizing them packed up and driving away down the street.


Write the person's name and what they have done to you on a small piece of paper.
Light it from an alter candle and drop it to burn away in the cauldron.
Stand before the alter, the ashes in your right hand, and say:
Wolf and horse, old signs of might.
Lend your strength to me this night.
The pain and grief they so easily give,
Must be returned so they may live,
To know and feel what they have done,
And change their ways, with harm to none.
Send back the pain, teach them this night,
And help them to do what they know is right.
Go outside, and throw the ashes to the winds, knowing that they will realize what they have done to you.


Chili Powder Cinnamon Galangal Black Pepper Iron Filings Vetivert
Pinch Bitter Aloes or Vetivert
Use when you desire to break any relationship.
Creates animosity between lovers and business associates. Forces an eventual separation.


If you know who has put a crossed condition on you and you want to reverse the jinx onto them,
burn a black candle on their name (putting their name on a paper beneath an overturned saucer
under the candle) or carve their name on the candle.
If you don't know the name of the person who did this trick to you, carve the words "My Enemy"
on the candle. Any black candle will do, but if you use a black candle in the figure of the Devil,
carve their name on it, and dress it with Cast Off Evil Oil, things will go harder with them.
Burn the black candle on the toilet tank, a little bit each night, pinching it out between burnings.
Burn it while the moon is growing smaller -- then, on the dark of the moon, the darkest night of
the month, turn the burning black candle upside down and extinguish it in the toilet bowl, saying
"Thus will you, [name of enemy], meet your fate!"
Throw the remaining black candle stub and wax into a crossroads -- or into the yard of the person
who had put the roots on you or jinxed you.


This ritual is designed to get revenge on someone who has caused you emotional pain,
for example if the person you love abandons you and it transpires that they were merely using
you, then this would be perfect. The amount of suffering this causes the victim is largely
proportional to the amount of pain and hurt they gave you. It involves re-living all the sadness
that your victim has caused you and magickally returning it to them.
The usual riders apply to this ritual. Don't try it on anyone who you still love in any way,
otherwise you might end up with a load of guilt and backlash on top of everything else.
Performing the ritual is also quite a traumatic experience for yourself.
Now, on to the ritual.
Gather a few small object links to your victim. A photograph, something they written, a copy
of their signature or personal sigil, etc. You then have to visualize and re-live the pain your
victim has caused you. The sadness you felt at being abandoned. The sense of betrayal.
Everything. Feel it welling up inside you, then project it at the links.
You can then culminate the ritual in a way you that you think would send it to you're victim.
Some people would destroy the charged links, some people would just visualize the negative
energy extending to the victim via the links and keep them somewhere where they are unlikely
to run across them, while others would plant them in the victim's home. I favor planting the
charged links at the back the victim's drawers of personal or magickal items, myself.

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