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Wiccan Fae Dictionary - Page 5

Lunantishess or Lunantishee -
They are the tribe which guards blackthorn bushes. They will never allow a stick to be cut on November 11th or May 11th. If you manage to cut a stick on those days, you will experience misfortune.

Mab -
She is the traditional queen of the faeries.

Mermaids; water dwellers who are human from the waist up but with tails of fishes. They are irresisible singers who sometimes lure fisherman to their deaths.They lure humans with their beautiful singing, which carries with it an enchantment. They create storms which wreck ships. They are often seen vainly combing their hair, admiring their reflections in mirrors.
The Irish equivalent of the mermaid is Murrughach, Murdhuacha (muroo-cha), or Merrows. It is possible for them to take the form of a human with tiny scales and move about on land. They wear a cobullen druith, which is a red cap covered with feathers.

Merrows -
They are the Irish merpeople. They wear red feather caps. If their caps are stolen, they can't return to the depths of the sea where they live. Female merrows are beautiful and to see one is an omen of a storm, but they are benevolent and often fall in love with fishermen, probably because the male merrows are so repulsive. Males are, however, generally friendly. They often come ashore in the form of small hornless cattle.

Muryans -
It's the Cornish word for "ant" . They are the souls of those sent to Purgatory. Their souls dwindle in size until they are the size of ants. Then they disappear, and no one knows where they go after that. So never step on ants. You could be stepping on your ancestors.

Nuckelavee -
He is a horrible Scottish sea faerie who appears as a
gigantic horse with legs that are part flipper, a gigantic mouth and
blazing, evil eyes. Rising from its back is a hideous torso with arms that nearly reach the ground and it appears that its neck is too weak to support its monstrous head. It has no skin, exposing black blood in yellow veins, white sinews, and strong red muscles. He hates fresh running water, so if you are ever chased by him, just find a stream and cross it.

A. Scotland; a water sprite.

Britain. Wood sprites who live in oak trees and oak groves. They are hostile to humans but benevolent to wild life.

Old People:
Cornish name for faeries.

Oonagh (oona):
Ireland. Wife of Fin Bheara.

Peg Powler -
She inhabits the River Tees. She is a green water Hag with long hair and sharp teeth. She is fond of grabbing the ankles of those who stand too close to or wade into the water and pulling them underwater to drown. Fear of her was written into a popular Mother Goose rhyme:
"Mother, may I go out to swim?"
"Yes, my darling daughter.
Hang your clothes on an alder limb
And don't go near the water."
(Alder trees are considered a sort of charm against evil faeries.) See also Jenny Greenteeth.

The People of the Hills -
English faeries who live under green mounds. subterranean faeries.

People of Peace:
Ireland, Scotland. Another name for the Daoine Sidhe.

Phooka - Phouka (pooka):
This is an Irish Goblin who appears as a variety of beasts. It can take various forms and is considered dangerous. Sometimes he appears as a dog, a bull, a horse, or an eagle and he is almost always black with blazing eyes. He is fond of offering rides to weary travellers, appearing to be a kind, docile pony, but then takes them for the wildest ride of their lives once they have mounted and soon after dumps them headfirst into an undesirable locale.

Pixies - Piskies-Pisgies:
The name for faeries in Somerset, Devon, and Cornwall. Green faeries who often take the form of hedgehogs. They are also known as urchins, pisgies, piskies, and pigseys. They originated in Cornwall. They like to dance in the shadows of stones. Their bells are often heard on the moor. They like to steal horses and torture them to get them to run faster. They delight in throwing pots and pans at kitchen girls. They usually mean no harm, however. Beware of doing pixies favors, for they have a tendency to backfire.

The Plant Annwn (plant anoon):
Wales. Gwragen Annwn is the Welsh name for their women. Faeries of the Underworld. The entrance to their kingdom is through lakes. Their king is called Gwyn ap Nudd. Their speckled cattle are Gwartheg Y Llyn and their white hounds are the Cwn Annwn (see Hounds of the Hill).

Plant Rhys Dwfen -
They're a tribe of faeries who inhabit a small invisible land. It is invisible because of a certain herb that grows on it. They are beautiful people, quite short, and they are fond of outbidding at Cardigan auctions. They are honest in their dealings, and kind to people who are kind to them.

Portunes -
They are small agricultural faeries who work on human farms by day, and spit-roast frogs by night. They are generally very old men with wrinkled faces and patched coats. However kind they are, they have a weakness for grabbing the bridles of horses whom men are riding alone at night and leading them into ponds, laughing.


Puck -
He is a mischievous, shape-shifting Hobgoblin, made famous by Shakespeare. He is also associated with the Pwca (maybe aka Pooka) and the Phooka (both on this page).

Pwca (pooka):
Wales. A version of Puck; not like the Irish Phouka. They are helpful if milk is left out, but can also be mischievous.

Redcap -
He is one of the most evil Goblins. He inhabits ruined towers,especially those that have a history of evil. His red cap is dyed with human blood.

A. Scottish Highlands. Water Elementals or mermen who take the form of seals. Irish name for the Selkie.

Seelie (Blessed) Court:
Scotland. These trooping faeries are benevolent towards humans, but will readily avenge any injury or insult. They are a good-natured aristocracy of faeries. They are fond of riding in long solemn processions called faerie Rades. They are believed to be the last of the Tuatha de Danann. Their evil opposite is the Unseelie Court.

Selkies -
Also known as the Seal-Faeries, they inhabit the seas around Orkney and Shetland. A female selkie can shed her seal skin and become a beautiful woman. If a human gets ahold of the empty skin, the selkie is forced to become the perfect wife. But he must keep the skin hidden from her since she may return to the sea if she finds it again. The husband then dies of a broken heart. The male selkies create storms and flip boats to take revenge for their kin murdered at the hands of humans.

Shellycoat -
He is a Scottish Bogie who haunts streams. He is covered with shells which clink together when he moves. He likes to trick travellers and lead them astray.

Sidhe-Sidh-Sith-Si (shee):
Ireland, Scottish Highlands. Name for faeries and their subterranean dwellings. A barrow or hillock which has a door to a beautiful underground realm of the Tuatha or faeries. They are Irish faeries who are very attracted to beauty and luxurious locales, and detest pennypinchers.

Silent Moving Folk

Sluagh (slooa)-
The Host: Scotland. The Host of the Unforgiven Dead, or Pagan anscestors. The most formidable of the Highland faeries. Some account them as being the dead, some think they are fallen angels. But the most popular view is that they are the souls of dead mortals.

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