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Wiccan Herb, Oil and Crystal Correspondances - Page 8


Madder: Tranquillity

Magnolia: Nobility; Love of nature; Magnificence

Magnolia (swamp): Perseverance

Maize: Riches

Mallow: Gentleness

Maple: Reserve; Constraint; Retirement

Marigold: Cruelty in love; Despair; Jealousy; I have cause

Marjoram: Innocence; Blushes

Marvel-of-Peru: Timidity

Mayflowers: You only do I love

Meadow-saffron: My best days are past

Melissa (Balm): Fun; Sympathy

Memosa :Secret Love

Mezereon: Desire to please

Mignonette: Your qualities surpass your charms; I live for thee

Milford: War

Mint: Warmth of feeling; Let us be friends again;Purity

Mistletoe: I want to be kissed

Monkshood: Beware; Danger Is Near; Chivalry

Moonflower: I only dream of love

Morning Glory: Affection; Departure

Moss: Maternal Love; Patience

Moss Rose: Confession of Love

Motherwort: Concealed love

Mourning Bride: I have lost all

Mugwort: Happiness; Peace

Mulberry (black): I shall not survive you; Sadness

Mulberry (white): Wisdom

Mullein: Take courage

Musk: Be bolder

Mustard: I’m smart; I am hurt

Myrtle: Love in absence; Love positive

Myrtle (wax): Discipline; Instruction


Nandina: My love will grow warmer

Narcissus: You love yourself too well; Stay as Sweet as You Are

Nasturtium: Victory in Battle; Patriotism; Affectation

Nettle: You are spiteful

Nightshade: Your thoughts are dark; Falsehood

Nuts: Stupidity




Oak: Hospitality

Oak Leaf: Courage; I will endure

Oats: I love your music

Oleander: Caution; Heed

Olive Branch: Peace

Orange Blossom: Innocence; Eternal Love

Orchid: Love; Beauty; Chinese symbol for many children

Orchid (wild): You are a belle; You flatter me

Orchis (bee): Error; Industry

Orchis (butterfly): Gaiety

Orchis (fly): Error

Oxeye: Be patient




Palm: Victory; Conquest

Pansy: Pleasant thoughts; Think of me; Reflections

Parsley: Useful knowledge; Feasting

Passion flower: Faith; Belief;Trust in God; Holy love

Pea (everlasting): Lasting pleasure

Peach Blossom: I am your captive

Pear Blossom: Tenderness; Not altogether lovely

Pear: Affection

Pennyroyal: You had better go

Peony: Anger

Peppermint: Warm Feelings

Periwinkle: Memory; Never forget; Pleasing remembrances

Periwinkle (blue): Early friendship

Periwinkle (white): Harmony; Pleasure of memory

Persicaria: Restoration

Persimmon Blossom: I shall surprise you by and by

Petunia: Don't Lose Hope

Pheasant's-eye: I cannot forget you

Phlox: Friendship

Phlox (star-shaped): Trying to please you; Agreements

Pimpernel: Change

Pine: Pity; Compassion

Plum Blossom: Keep your promises

Pomegranate Blossom: Grace; Perfection

Primrose: Believe me;Youth; young love; I can not live without you

Primrose (evening): Sweet memories; Inconstancy; Early youth

Primrose (red): Neglected merit

Prince's Feather: I blush for you

Privet: Prohibition

Pyxie: Life is sweet




Ranunculus: Dazzled by your charms; You are rich in attractions

Raspberry Blossom: Remorse; Penitence

Reed: Submission

Reed (split): Imprudence

Rocket: Rivalry; Conflict

Rose-leaf: You may hope

Rosemary: Love; Remembrance

Rue: Go; never return




Saffron: You are perfectly lovely; Marriage

Sage: Domestic duties; Great Respect

Salvia (Sage): Long life; Wisdom

Salvia (blue): Wisdom

Salvia (red): Untiring energy; Always Yours

Satinflower: Fascination

Saxifrage: Affection; Tenderness

Scabiosa: Unfortunate love

Sea-bindweed: Uncertainty

Sensitive plant: Fine sensibility

Senvy: I'm smart

Shamrock: Loyalty; Cheerfulness

Shepherd's Purse: I offer you my all

Smilax: Loveliness; Constancy

Snapdragon: Deception; Refusal; No!

Snowball: Bound thoughts of heaven

Snowdrop: Consolation; Friendship in trouble

Spearmint: Warm Sentiments

Speedwell: Womanly fidelity

Spiderflower: Elope with me; Not so bad as I seem

Star of Bethlehem: Reconciliation

Starwort: Afterthought

Statice: Sympathy

Stephanotis: Happiness in marriage; Desire to travel

Stonecrop: Tranquillity

Straw (broken): Broken Agreement

Straw: Agreement

Strawberry Blossoms: Far-sightedness

Sumac: I shall survive the change

Sumac (dwarf): Adoration

Sunflower (large): You are splendid

Sunflower (short): Adoration

Sweet Basil: Good wishes

Sweet Pea: Lets meet; Good-bye; Remember me; Thank you for a lovely time

Sweet William: Grant me one smile

Sycamore: Genius

Syringa : You shall be happy yet

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